Author Topic: I have a thing for "shorties".  (Read 746 times)


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I have a thing for "shorties".
« on: November 08, 2015, 05:48:03 PM »
SBR and SBS in particular...

Just pistol calibers as rifle calibers get far too loud!  :o ;D ;D ;D

I also like single shots. I find the H&R line "fun" inexpensive and quite versatile!

I have been wanting a 10ga for some time... when I found them everywhere I did not want one... not the prices have doubled and I dont see them anymore.

Last week I found a Stevens/Savage 9478 10ga on a dusty rack in a small old time gun shop... It was there so long the tag was faded beyond legibility.  :D Struck a deal for the gun, one box of slugs and half a box of #4 turkey loads for 100$ OTD.

It was a 36" Full choke, now its a much handier 19". I re installed the bead and installed sling studs then bed linered the stocks.



I also have 12, 16 & 20 ga H&Rs pretty much the same. I found a Savage 311 with dented, badly rusted tubes and a cracked stock for a song... its now also 20" with a repaired stock. good shooter to as the regulation its good at 25 yards!

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