Author Topic: 9mm 147gr XTP Carbine velocity and expansion  (Read 272 times)


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9mm 147gr XTP Carbine velocity and expansion
« on: February 03, 2017, 02:36:43 PM »
So since I'm off work, figured I'd pass the time by having fun reloading.

Been wanting to have a good little critter load for around the house and farm out to 50-75 yards.

Yes, I have a 22, but those get boring lol.

I had a pound of vihtavouri 3n38 powder, 147gr xtp's. According to the loading manuals the max charge is 6.9gr of 3n38 with these xtp's for a stated velocity of 1207fps from a 4" barrel

Well in past testing, from a Glock 19, I chronographed these at 1157fps. (average of 10 shots)

This is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a "standard pressure" loading of this weight.

Well, so I inherited a hi-point 995 carbine. I know it's a hi-point, price was right so why not?

Went outside, stuck the chronograph out, fired a few shots. 1407fps, I'll except this!!! Brass, primer everything checks out good.

So I bust out the clear ballistic block. Bullet penetrated and was stopped at the end of the 16 inch block. The petals were just keeping it barely held in place.

It shed about 11 grains of weight. Held together quite well. Expanded to about .530-.540" in diameter.

Hopefully soon will test accuracy!

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