Author Topic: Range test with different bullets sizes.  (Read 136 times)


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Range test with different bullets sizes.
« on: December 07, 2017, 02:02:53 PM »
I got a new mold and cast up and sized a bunch of 175 gr SWCBB for my 10mm.  I also got some Blue Dot, so I thought I would do a comparison.  My home cast bullets are all sized at .401", unfortunately my barrel slugs about .4005".  Since I wasn't sure how well they would do, I thought I would compare them to some .402" Dardas SWC bullets I had.
Both loads are the same.  10.4 gr Blue Dot, FC case, WLP primer.
Target shows the results.  Bottom left group is the Dardas .402" bullets.  Bottom right are my home cast bullets. Just for fun.  I decided to try some loads I made just to see what they would do.  Upper left target is Dardas .402 over 10.0 Mil Surp WC820(should be close to AA#9).
The Blue Dot definately had a bark to it.  The WC820 was slightly less.  Unfortunately, with the WC820 loads, I apparently didn't seat the bullets quite deep enough into the case, so I had some issues with going fulling into battery.
But all in all, I am quite impressed with my home built 10mm, even if the range was only 10 yds.