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2 10mm conversions
« on: November 07, 2016, 11:58:12 AM »
I broke down and finally got some good quality factory Hollow Point loads to test in my two conversions  Ammo tested was Win. 175 gr Silvertip, Hornady 155 gr XTP(#9122), Underwood 155 gr XTP(#232), and Underwood 180 gr XTP(#243).  I was very leery of trying the two Underwood loads, since I am using an unsupported, ie non ramped, barrel and they are supposed to be very hot loads .
Guns tested were, #1. A conversion based on a Rock Tactical 45acp, using a Para Ordnance 40cal slide, with an unknown brand drop in, polished SS barrel from Numrich.  #2.  A conversion based on an Essex made Detonics style frame, with a PO Commander size 40cal slide, and an unknown brand drop in, polish SS Commander length barrel from Numrich. The only thing down to either barrel to improve lockup was to install a #2 link, with replaced the #3 that came with it. Barrels were extremely tight chambered, so much so, that I had to ream the barrel for the Gov't. 
Since I didn't have a lot of ammo, most of this was just function and safety test.  Only two rounds of each load were fired at the target.   I had been having issues with my reloads, which are 180 SWCs, hitting a bit high and left.  These loads, being hotter, were much closer to center of target. For the FS Goverment, the Winchester was the most accurate load.  For the Commander length, the Hornady 155 XTP did the best.  Web expansion was about .004", even on the hottest loads.  No visible smile, no case bulging. Primers on all loads were a bit cratered.  On the Underwood loads, the craters were flattened.
The Winchester was the mildest shooting load, with the Hornady load definately barking more.  Of the two Underwood loads, the 155 XTP seem more potent, so much so that I never found the brass for that load from each gun.   
Since I had read too many warnings re using hot loads in an unsupported barrel, my shooting really was not good with those loads.  With the Detonics framed gun, I was dealing with unfitted parts(horrendous trigger pull), as well as a magazine that didn't function well.  I think I'm going to have to make my own Detonics length 10mm mag.  The short grip wasn't helping.  If I can get it up and going well, I think a small 10mm like that Commander slide/Detoinics frame would be great for EDC.
Having shot these now, I feel much more confident that my guns can handle the hotstuff without grenading in my hands.


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