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Photos that do not show...
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:34:46 AM »
This is just a note to say that Photos that are not showing up in previous post, are more than likely because the hosting site changed their third party hosting or the member has canceled the account.  Some have small pictures or broken links where the picture would have been. ::)

I use pay a yearly fee to use Photobucket to host all my pictures that were posted here.  They recently had a change of service, so before they quit allowing the third party hosting, I switched to a new free service.   :))

To prevent loss of the pictures, I went through every (those who know me here know there are thousands of pictures posted by me) where I had then posted and changed the addresses of each and every picture.  This was done to preserve and maintain the validity of the various post for the future.  Yes it was that important to me as one of the moderators here on 10mm-firearms! ;D

There are many photo hosting services out there, good luck as you choose for what they offer...
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