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Reloading 10mm ammo / Re: What is THE hunting bullet for the 10mm?
« on: February 16, 2018, 06:39:56 PM »
for me....

200-205 grain WFN.

I want the nose as wide as will fit and feed reliably.

Load them to 1250+ fps from a 5" barrel.

Anything in the continental US will go down with that IF you put it in the right place.

General Discussion / Re: Force-on-Force training: Should I do it?
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:03:12 AM »
Haven't done simulations.

My favorite parts of the the police academy where when we would pad up for PPCT or force cell extractions.  In forced cell I loved playing the "inmate" as they were very clear that anything went as far as trying to resist.

Good times!

I would jump on this if I were you.

10mm semi-auto handguns / Re: 10mm firearm for first purchase
« on: February 16, 2018, 07:59:56 AM »
If you are going with the 1911, you will not regret stretching a little and getting the Dan Wesson.  Certainly nothing wrong with the Colt or Kimber, (heck i wouldn't mind getting the Colt just to have the Colt) but the extra money for the DW translates into better fit, finishing, and trigger.  The additional cost is definitely worth it imo.

I gotta agree with this.

If you want American made budget get Ruger.  If you are gonna spend more than a Ruger, spend a bit more for a Dan Wesson.

Fusion never gets mentioned anymore.  If you don't known the history, they guy that started the 1911 shop at Dan Wesson left around the time CZ bought them.  He then started Fusion.  They were the darlings of the 10mm 1911 world for a time, but then some folks noted that Dan Wesson had moved far ahead in quality.  It seems since then Fusion has split into two tiers of guns, and I don't know that we have had a range report on a newer one in some time.  I wanna love Fusion and at the $800-$900 price point, I would probably pick them over a DE or Kimber.


We keep making recess shorter, school days longer, school years longer.  We add more and more homework, and we take away outlets like PE, music and arts.

All of this deprives our children of a sense of control in their life, which numerous studies as cited in the article above, predict will lead to mental health issues.

Further, this makes some children attempt to regain control by asserting control over their peers, AKA bullying.

We create a pressure cooker and put out kids in it, and then are surprised when they pop under pressure.

School should be 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  In elementary school there should be two 30 minute recess breaks + a 40 minute lunch/recess break.  There should be a twice a week PE period and once a week music period and art period outside the normal class.  There should be no more than 1 hour of homework for the average child.  (In reality studies show that homework doesn't increase standardized test scores, so I would kill it all together, but I think an hour can be tolerated)

Jr/sr high those two recess breaks should disappear. 40 minutes lunch+free time should remain.  I have grown to appreciate the A/B alternating schedules, but I haven't read studies on it's overall impact.  I know the longer class times are beneficial for math/science/engineering classes where labs and projects benefit from longer engagement periods.  It's really hard to squeeze much engine/sheetmetal/welding work or a chemistry/physics lab into 45 minutes.

Again, homework doesn't do much for core course knowledge, though kids in AP classes should expect to study 45 min to an hour a night all year for AP tests.  This should be self-directed study from the AP guide for the test(s), and that time is based on a heavy load of 3-4 AP's each year, so study is round robin, a different guide each night.  The month before a college entrance exam like the ACT or SAT students should study the exam guide about 45 minutes three times a week.

Finally, we need more, smaller schools.  Humans are inherently better socialized in smaller groups.  Large schools with classes of 400-500 kids and a total population of 1500-2000 are stressors for most people.  Schools tend to hit their core economy of scale at around 800-1000 total students.

10mm semi-auto handguns / Re: 10mm firearm for first purchase
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:32:48 PM »
Solid starter 1911 = RIA 10mm (pick one)

Best Budget US made 1911 = Ruger SR1911 10mm

I am a traditional prancing pony loyalist = Colt Delta Elite

I want the refinement of a gunsmithed 1911 = Dan Wesson OR Fusion

I have gobs of money to spend on a 1911 = Wilson/Ed Brown/Les Baer

I want a 10mm CZ = EAA Witness

Plastic Guns Rock = Glock 20.

I like steel and Swiss = Sig P220

Kimber?  I would not avoid Kimber if the deal was right.  But in a fair fight I would pick Ruger or Colt over kimber.  And I personally would take RIA over Kimber.

This is why there appears to be so much headroom in the load data.  Blue Dot can be temperature sensitive.  The published load data takes that into account.  So if you are testing your loads in a temp range that results in lower pressures, they it will appear the book loads are very conservative.

I have not used them.  I cast my own bullets so I usually don't buy pre-cast.

There are others here who have used them.  I think if your gun supports it a bit wider metplat is nice, but commercial casters have to consider feeding in a broad range of guns.

These are about the only ones I know of that are over 200 grains.

10mm semi-auto handguns / Re: EAA Witness P Match 10mm Review
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:56:13 PM »
Gallery of guns shows the 600646 as a SAO.  As does EAA's website.

600646 is SA (Polymer Match), 600647 is DA/SA (Polymer Match Pro)

Sonny10mm, the "Match" designation kinda has always meant SAO.  That is just how it has been positioned from my point of view.  Clearly EAA and Tanfoglio can do what they want with the name in the future.

The Match Pro gives you a mostly "match" gun but with DA/SA.  And without the magwell, but with a rail.

10mm semi-auto handguns / Re: EAA Witness P MAtch 10mm Review
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:50:09 AM »
Good review...I have read it before, but don't recall where I found it.

Reloading 10mm ammo / Re: Trying to put togther a hunting load
« on: February 10, 2018, 07:52:45 PM »
I like me a big metplat...And this certainly has one!

General Discussion / Re: New Jersey bill to limit capacity to 5 rounds
« on: February 10, 2018, 01:40:49 PM »
5 and 10 are commonly selected numeric quantities due to the fact we have five digits on each hand.

10mm Hunting / Re: Hunting with “standard / iron” sights?
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:58:09 AM »
I am with Tony.  Big black sights, nice and tight on the sides.

For sale / Re: EAA Witness Stock 1 10mm
« on: February 10, 2018, 10:56:19 AM »
Don't let me stand in your way.  Last year I went overboard and need to take some time to shoot the guns i have purchased.

I want to be clear that my comments and thread reference above in no way reflect my opinions of Lone Wolf.  I have several of their barrels and they all perform great for me.  I was just conveying that an aftermarket barrel is not a guarantee of an increase in accuracy, and that Glock barrels provide very good accuracy.

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