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Reloading 10mm ammo / Re: Loading for a Glock G40
« on: December 17, 2017, 12:53:52 PM »
Shadow was talking about carbon build up with loads and it reminded me of a common problem with bullseye shooters. Larry Carter came up with a fix which I'll paste from his instructions on my Hammerli, but I find it applies to just about every gun I shoot. The problem centers around failures to feed, etc. Keep in mind the caliber mentioned is .22. I upgrade the size of the chamber brush just like with the .22 when cleaning all calibers just to eliminate chambering issues. 

Solution:  Have you cleaned your chamber? 
If yes, have you done it correctly and thoroughly?  9 out of 10 feeding problems can be remedied by cleaning your chamber.  When cleaning your chamber, use a .25 caliber brush bent in the shape of an L.  Twist the brush to clean.  Next, spray Brake-free oil on your patch and pull it through barrel.  When the chamber is clean, you should be able to remove the slide, stand it up on end and drop a round into the chamber.  If the round has to be pushed into the chamber, continue cleaning and/or send your pistol in for service.

Thank you for the B.C. s. I'll certainly try the .150. We have a special 3 day season coming up and I want to try the 150 vs their 200 XTPs. I need a real quick drop on the deer. Close quarters and very selective shooting lanes. Of course, Murphy may just give me a nice day in the woods and no targets. Later!

Excellent information.Would your source happen to have the ballistic coefficient for the Lehigh Defense 150g. Extreme Hunter bullet? I'm looking to create a ballistic table for hunting. I carried the original FBI SW1076 and the Performance Center 1076. The 10mm has excellent ballistic performance with many possibilities.

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