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Questions/Suggestions / linking powders to pulldowns?!
« on: March 01, 2015, 03:19:31 PM »
was wondering if there was a way to link specific powders to the different pull downs that used each is i have power pistol click power pistol and it send u to a page with all the pull downs that used power pistol, or blue dot or 800x, longshot etc.  be a easy way to help reloaders quickly find ammo they want to recreate with powders they have available!  thx to whom it may concern.

Factory 10mm Ammo pull-downs / Re: Buffalo Bore 180gr Gold Dot Pull-down
« on: November 03, 2014, 10:58:39 AM »
also i have some of the i guess older BB 180gr with gold dot hp, and they never reached or beat 1300 fps. at least in my tanfoglio elite match 4.75 inch barrel.  also the speer gold dot i bout loose, seem of higher quality heavier jacket/metal, just better made. the bb with gold dots when auto fed wanted to flip the mouth up on one side in my gun, but never happened with the ones i hand load.  the GD in the BB ammo the copper jacket seemed thinner and duller.  i can only use the store bout BB with gold dots, on teh top of my mag when i hand rack or just chamber them 1 at a time (in my gun)...i much prefer loading my own GD.  had great success with longshot and mocking say a swampfox i believe, but i need something 1300 fps with powerpistol and gold dot and 180 hard cast.

Factory 10mm Ammo pull-downs / Re: Buffalo Bore 180gr Gold Dot Pull-down
« on: November 03, 2014, 10:46:23 AM »
so we dont have the BB gold dot pull down? i saw the 9.6 grain power pistol in shadows post, but what was the OLA...just start at 1.260 n work it in?  am i correct that BB 180 gr sierra hp was as deep as 1.2465...aka 1.250?  looking for a good true power pistol load....

Wildcats / Re: Underwood and Double Tap 9x25Dillon Pull-Downs
« on: November 02, 2014, 07:14:17 PM »
thats screamin. def want one . :P i finally made it in the forum from the 10mm fan club on FB. u know who i am.

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