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Colt Comp SS in .38 Super
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:35:01 PM »
Yes this is the time of year that I always get the itch to buy a new handgun and belive me I got it really bad!! Been thinking of the New Colt Comp SS in .38 Super. Whats your thoughts on the Super? and the Colt Comp SS ? I had the Blue version in my hand on Friday and didn't think to highly of the finish Colt puts on the Blue version  ::) They had a SS one there in 9mm which I liked much better :) but I already have two 9mm one S&W 39 and a S&W Shield, the 39 is scary accurate so I don't need another 9mm as that one will out shoot most 9s I have shot.
I guess maybe being that the 38 Super is unique and the fact that you don't see one every day, kind of why I like my 10mm so much.
So anyone out there have anything good to say about the .38 and the Colt Comp. Also I do reload so I will be rolling my own ammo.