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STI Heavy 10 F/S $1650 OBRO
« on: February 13, 2018, 09:17:30 AM »
Well, it seems that I have been successfully marketed to, so my Heavy 10 must go. Love the gun, but I see a Springfield 10mm in my future. Some of you may recall the write up I did of this pistol. It's a great gun, and I want it to go to a good home.

I am the second owner of this pistol. It has seen about 1250 rounds since it was built.

The following is a description the original owner gave to me:

"The STI Work Order date as printed on the tag on the factory case is 9-9-15. If I remember correctly. This model pistol was never advertised or listed by STI in the catalog as an available model for sale. I called Zane Maddox at STI Customer Service with the serial number to confirm what the selling STI dealer was telling me before purchasing the pistol. Zane confirmed that only 24 were built and gave me the reason as to why they were built."

:: Finish is a matte black Cerakote. Nothing fancy, but well done and evenly finished.

:: Heine “Ledge” sights.

:: 5” Government length, full-length dustcover and square trigger guard.

:: Full-length guide rod.

:: Grips are STI-branded wood grips with a coarse checkered pattern [a la VZ “frag” pattern.

I love this gun, but my needs have changed for a 10mm 1911 and I need to put this up for auction in order to fund another one. This is a chance to have a very rare STI that will probably never be built again.

This gun comes with the factory case and one factory 8 round magazine [NOT the 10 rounder in the photos].

Price is $1650 + shipping. Just email me at or call/text @ 434.242.1067 if you have any questions [I am located in Virginia]. I'm pretty firm on the price, since I am going to turn the funds directly into another 1911... but if you have an offer in mind, feel free to contact me. The worst I can do is politely decline.

There are a couple of members here who expressed an interest in this gun if I were ever to sell, so here's your chance.
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