Author Topic: Contemplating a carbine. AR that takes Glock mags, or Mech Tech? Opinions?  (Read 828 times)

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I would like to hang a can on this someday.

AR pros:
Lots of common parts out there.

AR cons:
It looks like piecing the upper together can get pricey.

Mech Tech pros:
One mouse click and it is on the way.

Mech Tech cons:
I don't know squat about them.

I will gratefully draw from the collective wisdom here.
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I say I vote for one that takes Glock mags...........but capacity limited (not huge issue).

But with an AR you still have a basic decision. With DI AR you only have the RMW upper. Which can be bought as a whole for $800. Then you need a QC10 lower.

Not what you asked, but learning curve for DI upper:


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I got a Just Right Carbine.  It is ARish uses commercial stock, AR fire control group and AR grip.

Available in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP.  The 10mm is under development with recent promise of "soon".

Conversion kits are available and uses Glock mags.


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BR ... I have a pair of Mechtechs (460Rowland and 10mm).  I run them with 1911 magazines by choice, but the 10mm is available to mate with your glock frame and use glock magazines.  I like them plenty and they are great, accurate, reliable shooters.

Mechtechs are unelegant, blowback beasts with heavy bolts and limited aftermarket support.  I figure on adding a 9mm beast to the collection right 'round the time I can get one for a 1911 frame (not yet available).

By contrast, the AR platform should be gas operated, lighter and simply more elegant.  IMO the blowback AR look-alikes are an attack on all that is good and right - 10mm is simply not 22lr which might save someone enough to justify the blowback compromise.  If you make the investment, you get the potential for a carbine with marginally improved performance that comes with a more sophisticated lockup.

I grabbed a Mechtech 'cause stretching the ballistic potential of 10mm Auto pistol rounds was my goal.  If I was going to invest in the AR platform I'd be looking at a Wildcat round delivering 10mm Auto size projectiles at modern rifle velocities.
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As much as I'd love to encourage you to get the MechTech, your desire to put a suppressor on it is probably a mark against it. The barrel isn't much longer than legal, so depending on your gunsmith it might not be reasonable to add threads.

Barring that, I believe the MechTech platform to be a far better overall design for pistol calibers than the AR variants. Among other reasons, being able to feed the rifle through the pistol grip is a huge advantage  by way of "form-factor". The mechanism is extremely simple and reliable, being straight blowback. It feels very bullpup-ish, if that's your thing.

Unless the relative expense of 10mm requires that you prefer something in 9mm, a MechTech in 10mm is pretty darn close to the best PCC on the market. That's my opinion, anyway.
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A 10mm MechTech CCU for the Glock 20/21/40 is a GREAT set-up
They are quite accurate
And the CCU while accept most AR add-ons
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