Author Topic: Western KS Glock 40 MOS 10mm whitetail hunt - opening morning is tomorrow!!  (Read 751 times)


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Just a quick update to you all ...

As I type this, first-light on opening-morning here in KS for firearms deer is about 8 hours from now.....

I wanted to update you all though about my recent range trip. A week or so ago I loaded up a few Accurate #9 ladders using the new and simply AWESOME new WFNPB .402" boolits I bought from my now favorite boolit mfgr, Montana Bulletworks. On Saturday, I went to the range to test them out (for accuracy only, as it was all I had time for with my upcoming hunting trip and other recent life obstacles). I don't have much time to go into much detail right now as i'm literally in the car right now, en-route to Western Kansas for my highly anticipated deer hunt on a friend's private land.

Test firearm was my beloved Glock 40 MOS equipped with a Black Satin AlTiNi coated 6" KKM specially throated by KKM for these exact bullets / 3 MOA Vortex Venom / Dawson & Ameriglo co-witness irons / Ghost Edge 3.5lb trigger w/ Wolff lightened competition springs / Match Grade Slide Lock.

I ran the following loads under he aforementioned 200gr bullet using mixed brass and CCI300 primers:

- 8.5gr Longshot
- 13.0gr AA9
- 13.2gr AA9
- 13.4+ gr AA9
- 13.6gr AA9
- 13.8gr AA9
- 13.2gr AA9 (moly-coated test samples that Montana Bulletworks kindly sent me to give them feedback on, which I will surely do post-hunt!)
- 13.2gr AA9 under 200gr Beartooth WFNGC
- also tested a few of Federal'a 180gr JSP Troohy Bonded rounds to see how they 'felt' and shot overall.

NOTE: I wanted to run blue Dot load (~11gr or so) but didn't have time to safely work that load up so I passed for now.

All of the above mentioned loads fed and functioned flawlessly and ALL were extremely accurate.

I must have done everything right this time because not only was there absolutely zero leading… But all of the loads over 13.2gr left the bore downright shiny ... just as it was prior to firing!! (I'd read about this happening when you get everything just right but was amazed and overjoyed to see it firsthand.). 

Note: I used a bore snake every two loads and strings were only 10 shots or so per iteration.  This was not only to keep track of which loads landed and which did not, but to maintain accuracy throughout the test.

I will say that it was difficult to tell which load was most accurate as I was not only pressed for time but, not surprisingly, found that the groups I fired near the beginning of my range visit were the most accurate and group sizes slowly (but surely) deteriorated  until when I decided to quit for the day (for that very reason).  :) lol.  Also interesting to note was how the loads felt from a 'power' perspective. Up through  about 13.4gr AA9, all of the loads felt very stout but also fairly normal, considering the Glock's large recoil-absorbing frame, however, The 13.6gr 13.8gr AA9 loadings, however, felt substantially more powerful  - with the 13.8gr AA9 loading being the single hardest recalling 10 mm round I've ever fired (in any 10mm), which to me, sends a strong message.

Overall, it was an enlightening and interesting range trip and one that I will soon repeat at a later date when I have more time, my other 10mm's .. and my chronograph -- and hopefully, by then, my FBI sized Clear Gelatin blocks. Another day.... :)

That said, i'll be out in the woods for the next five days on private property hunting Whitetail with my Glock 40 10mm... CANT WAIT!! Weather should be perfect, highs in 40's, lows in the 20's ...  Wish me luck!! ...and good luck to everyone else!

Stay safe!!